A presence within the UK

Your U.K. Company

Many overseas companies take the option of establishing a U.K. registered company as their point of presence in Great Britain. The advantage of this is that customers take comfort in dealing with a company on terms and in a language that they understand.

Companies House

All limited liability companies in the U.K. need to be registered with companies house, with details of such information as directors and share capital. We can set all of this up for you, ensuring you comply with all legal requirements. The ownership of your U.K. company is structured exactly according to you needs, but is typically owned by your parent company in Italy.

Company Directors

It is perfectly acceptable for non U.K. residents to be the directors of your company, but if required, we can appoint U.K. based directors on your behalf. Company directors are searchable online, so it makes sense that if you hold a UK company, then there should be at least one U.K. based director.

Registered Address

Limited Companies need to have a registered address, again we can provide this for you, either at our offices, or at other prestigeous addresses at various locations around the U.K.