The Trade Italia Story So Far

An Organisation Born Out Of A Trading Relationship

Time Flies !

Trade Italia goes back over 16 years, to a time when a design engineer In Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England was trying to source plastic components for a product he had been tasked with designing.

The Internet was still in it’s early incarnation, there was no Broadband and connections were very slow. After a period of searching on the WWW, no UK supplier could be found and the engineer arrived at the website of a manufacturing company in Schio in the province of Vicenza, and so began a working relationship that endures until this day.

It soon became apparent that even allowing for the distance between them, the deal worked. The products were of excellent quality, the price was better than in the UK, lead times were good and although the languages were different, the language of business was more important.

Coming forward to the present, and the decision was taken to formalise the business and to use our years of experience of our own markets to roll out the service to others.

We exist to open up trade gateways between Northern Italy and the UK. We believe that by taking away the issues of overseas sales, import / export, language barriers, distribution, freight etc., you are free to focus on what you do best, running your business. We take your company in to the UK, and generate sales and profit that until now may have been difficult to tap into.

To understand how the opportunity applies to you and your business, contact us now.

How Does The Trade Italia System Work ?

The primary basis of the Trade Italia business model is a commission based system, whereby we earn a small percentage of all invoices raised. This is of course the same as a sales agency agreement, but we offer so much more than that.

Typically an agency agreement means your company is represented by an individual, with little or no direct backup from the parent company. Whilst that can work on a basic level,  it is not always the most appropriate way to take your company in to a new market. Our speciality is making your business a UK business, and giving prospective customers every confidence in dealing with you.

Our range of ancilliary services are designed to be put together based on your individual needs and requirements. These services are charged separatly from the commission side of the agreement, meaning that you have clear visibility of any fixed costs.