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 Trade Italia is not a typical trade relationship organisation, we are not run by government funded bodies or publically funded initiatives. We are a commercial organisation, run by business people and enterpreneurs just like you.

Our aim is to support the growth and increased profitability of your organisation, by utilising our skills and in depth knowledge of the UK market place. Our mission is to take your products, services and expertise into new and previously inaccessable markets, creating a sustainable opportunity to grow your business.

Comprehensive solutions to get you trading in the UK within 3o days

We provide a full company registration service, allowing your organisation to be presented through a UK subsidiary.

Having a U.K. trading address is a massive advantage in terms of giving potential clients comfort in your abilities to meet their needs.

Communication is the key to commercial success. We can ensure that your clients calls are answered quickly and efficiently by a friendly voice.

People buy from People !, we make sure that the highest calibre people represent you and your product in the UK.

Staying close to the thoughts of your customers and potential client base is key to generating sales enquiries, we can manage your campaigns for you.

In many areas of business it is essential to demonstrate to prospective clients that you have a functioning Quality Management System.

If you need a web presence to support your launch into the UK we are here to help. Using the services of web developers both in the UK and Veneto, we get you your web presence quickly.

We ensure that you comply with all legal & accountancy requirements of UK law, including contractural work and trade agreements.

Selling online is now a prime route to market. Trade Italia can create your ecommerce offering, and launch your business online in the UK. The platform can be managed by you remotley, or by our trained staff on your behalf here in the UK.

Often, to be competative, it is essential to supply your customers requirements on a fast track or next day service. This is not a practical possibility from Italy, so we can manage your stockholding & despatch in the UK.

If your business has a requirement to hold stock in the UK, we can manage this for your without a problem. Any volume can be catered for, in a safe & secure environment. We can even provision for special requirements such as chilled storage.

Where ever possible we group freight requirements amongst our clients to keep costs down. As the Trade Italia network grows, freight costs come down proportionatly.

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We are keen to hear from you, so that we can begin to help you on your journey to successfully selling in to the UK. If you have any questions about the information on our site, or you have other questions, please contact us.

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