Because People Make The Difference

The Human Face Of Your Business


You know that you need to get your products in front of your prospective clients, but the question is how to do it in the most cost effective manner. The truth is that it largely depends on the potential that your business has in the UK, and the level of commitment you wish to make initially. At Trade Italia we offer 3 levels of direct client engagement, each with their benefits, each with disadvantages.

Our extensive experience in sales and marketing means that we are ideally suited to offer you the best solution for your needs. We handle the selection and recruitment of the sales people we utilise, and match their skill sets and experience to your exact needs.

Independant Sales Agent

The cheapest possible route to market is via the services of a self employed sales agent. Independent sales agents work on a percentage value of all sales invoices generated. This is a great way to enter the market, but it has restrictions in terms of how much control we have over the effectiveness of the agent.

Pros: No overhead fee, payments only made on a sales commission basis.

Cons: No real control over the activities conducted, no exclusivity on their time, no guarantee of results.


Managed Sales Agent

This is our recommended entry level in terms of sales staff. The agents are still self employed, but are paid a retainer fee. In return for this, the agent restricts the number of companies that they work on behalf of. A portion of their time is managed by Trade Italia, and their diary is also managed by us.

Pros: Small fee payable, bulk of payments made on invoiced sales results.

Cons: Not 100% of the agents time available to us, we must work around their other commitments.

Employed Sales Manager

This is always our preferred option in terms of face to face sales. The individual is employed either by you directly, or through your UK company. We manage the sales manager on your behalf, ensuring high utilisation of their time, clearly defined sales targets, effective reporting.

Pros: A dedicated sales manager, with 100% commitment to your business.

Cons: This is a salaried position, but can be augmented by making sales figures bonus payable.