Selling To The UK

A Market Like No Other

A Unique Opportunity to Enter A Unique Marketplace

There has never been a better time


The UK is the worlds 5th largest economy, with a GDP of nearly £2000 Billion, a population of 65 million people and a land mass of just 80% of Italy.

It is a population dense country with an economic strength that means it represents a perfect opportunity for overseas organisations to sell into. The UK’s recent decision to leave the EU has caused a degree of uncertainty with regards to the potential future of trading relations with overseas companies. The fact is that the forthcoming negotiations for BREXIT means that the UK is keener than ever to forge strong trading links with its European partners.


What Is The Best Way To Start Trading With The UK


Trade Italia are here to make introducing your company, and selling your products to the UK simple. We work with organisations that are happy to trade remotly with the UK, but increasingly registering a company in the UK is becoming a preferred option, allowing you to essentially become a UK company, and removing any concerns that your clients may have with dealing with an overseas company.

We take care of all of the “back office” administration and compliance with legal requirements, we handle all of the sales and marketing campaigns, we manage all of the sales order processing etc. All you have to do is engage our services, and sit back.

We take the time to understand your business, your process capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses, and we use those to build a strong presence in the UK.

Our extensive network of associates means we can establish any or all of the following for you:


  • A UK Office – Virtual or Physical
  • A Sales Network – Structured to suit your needs and your budget
  • Dealer Networks – Where your product would benefit from a region distributor approach
  • Technical Support & Service Engineers
  • Full Marketing Support function